The University of Parma (UNIPR) is one of the oldest public universities in the world. The Science and Technology Campus includes an Industrial Technopole that hosts laboratories for technological development and promotes the encounter between companies and researcher, and a Technology Transfer office that plays a valuable role in protecting and commercialising intellectual property.

UNIPR has been intensively working on Quantum Science and Technologies (QST) for almost 20 years, as demonstrated by a seamless production of high-impact articles. The research at UNIPR pursues an interdisciplinary and synergistic approach. For instance, the research on quantum software combines the expertise of information engineers with theoretical physics.

UNIPR brings expertise from computer engineering and physics in the domain of quantum compiling for both local and distributed quantum computing, simulation of quantum networks for the design and analysis of quantum protocols, molecular spin qubits, quantum computing and quantum simulation. UNIPR will participate in the Design Alternatives track to develop network services for distributed quantum computing, and in the Use Case Team to implement quantum protocols on QIA’s application SDK with the purpose of testing use cases ideas.