Technical University of Valencia


Universitat Politècnica de València ( is a public university with four campus sites, over 35.000 students and 2.600 faculty members and research staff. It consists of 44 Departments, most of them in engineering areas.

The Parallel Architectures research group (GAP, at the Computer Engineering department of Technical University of Valencia, which PI Carmen G. Almudever belongs to, has a long experience working on interconnection networks for parallel computers, ranging from large supercomputers, through clusters of personal computers, usually used as servers, to the networks on chip in multicore processors. GAP has also developed research in related subjects, such as, processor microarchitecture and cache coherence protocols.

Almudever’s research focuses on different aspects of the quantum computing full-stack including quantum programming languages and compilers, quantum error correction, fault-tolerant quantum computation, mapping of quantum algorithms and benchmarking and sclalability of quantum computers.