Creation, characterisation and implementation of multi-qubit systems in diamond

The 3rd physics institute in Stuttgart (Germany) is a leader in control of solid state quantum systems with strongly growing expertise in nano-fabrication technology. In addition, the institute has established strong and fruitful collaborations with global industrial partners such as Bosch GmbH, Trumpf GmbH and Denso Corp. As a member of the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) who has recently received a 10 M€ funding from the European Quantum Technology Flagship, we will develop the next generation of the quantum internet. Within the QIA framework, we seek for a PhD candidate to join us in our efforts in generating multi-qubit defect clusters in diamond, which promise a significant increase of the bandwidth of the envisaged quantum information protocols. The basic idea in this respect is to use one part of the cluster as an efficient spin-optical interface, and the other part for high-coherence quantum information storage.

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