Europe’s Leading Quantum Research Institutes and Actors from Industry


Telecom Italia SPA

TIM is the leading ICT group in Italy and Brazil, placing itself at the forefront of digital technologies. TIM develops optic-fiber fixed-line network infrastructure, which makes available to all the market, both through a capillary presence over the whole national territory and through Sparkle at international level.


Thales Alenia Space

Thales Alenia Space (HQ Toulouse) is a company that specializes in satellite systems and orbital infrastructures. It designs and delivers solutions for telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, environmental management, exploration, and science. The company develops satellite-based systems that provide connections and positioning…


Sparrow Quantum SA

Sparrow Quantum is a spin-out company of the University of Copenhagen that develops and commercializes quantum light sources as key enabling components of quantum technologies. We are an enthusiastic team of expert entrepreneurs and skilled scientists and engineers with a thrill for quantum photonics and the revolutionary benefits it could bring to society.



Quandela is a spin-off company from the French CN2-CNRS research institute. Quandela develops quantum photonics solutions centered on their state-of-the-art quantum light emitter devices and is one of the top five leaders worldwide in optical quantum technologies. Quandela also develops innovative opto-electronics modules and further exploits the potential of solid-state quantum light emitters to push the boundaries of current QKD based quantum communication protocols towards the development of quantum networks and Quantum Internet

Other Partners

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