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In nano-sized optical devices, light-matter interactions can be made so strong that quantum mechanical effects are decisive. The main focus of the Quantum Photonics Group at the UCPH’s Niels Bohr Institute is on techniques to control the quantum dynamics of quantum dots interacting with photons.

In this way we can fabricate light sources that emit single photons on demand, or entangle quantum dots and photons. Such nanophotonic devices will find applications for quantum information purposes and provide a route towards scalable quantum computing. In addition to developing and testing novel devices, we explore the fascinating fundamental physics of light and matter confined to the nano-scale.

Research topics of the group span a wide range from fabrication of active nanophotonic semiconductor materials to delicate quantum optics experiments of single-photon emission and the associated full quantum theory for light-matter interaction.

We continuously encourage a strong collaboration between the different areas in order to explore the full synergy of the activities. »>