QIA partner TOPTICA launches Quantum Quiz app

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Quantum Quiz is a fun app, developed by employees, partners and friends of TOPTICA Photonics. Players can test and prove their knowledge in exciting contests with like-minded people with quantum-related questions.

Currently there are 500+ questions in the library. Everybody is invited to submit their own questions via the app! Do not forget the three wrong answers, they are as important as the correct one. The app offers two game modes: Solo and Multiplayer. Up to 4 people in each multiplayer game and several parallel multiplayer games are possible. The high score table will be reset at the beginning of each month, when TOPTICA will add new questions to the library.

The TOPTICA Quantum Quiz is available now for free on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android. Information about the game and download links can be found here:

Prove your knowledge! Play the Quantum Quiz.


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