VERIQLOUD was founded in 2017 by Prof. Elham Kashefi (CNRS, UPMC and University of Edinburgh), Prof. Joshua Nunn (Univ. of Bath), and Marc Kaplan, the current president of VeriQloud. The founders of the company have a broad expertise of quantum technologies, including quantumoptics, quantum algorithms, quantum communication and quantum cybersecurity. VeriQloud’s development iscentred on quantum network technologies, covering all aspects from protocols and applications to implementations using optical devices. Our goal is to build a commercial offer for clients that have high demands in terms of network security, with quantum network architecture and protocols specifically designed for them.
The unique aspect of the company is its focus on the quantum software engineering. VeriQloud believes that an appropriate use of quantum programming languages can push quantum networks much further than the sole task of establishing shared secret keys through quantum key distribution, even using only currently existing technologies. For this purpose, we are implementing quantum network protocols for various quantum communication technologies. This includes the applications of known protocols to industrial problems, and development of new network protocols that take advantage of the high security of quantum communication.