Our research is focused on quantum optics, i.e. the application of quantum theory to phenomena involving light and its interaction with atomic and mechanical systems. The tools of quantum optics, combined with those of quantum information sciences, are providing new and unexpected possibilities that we use for both applied physics and fundamental research. Most of our studies are done in close collaboration with leading experimental groups.

The distribution of quantum states over long distances has important applications, for example, in quantum key distribution. However, this distribution is inherently limited by photon loss, and direct amplification as used in classical telecommunication is not an option in quantum communication due to the no-cloning theorem. This could be overcome with the use of quantum networks. We work hand in hand with leading experimental groups on each component of these networks. This includes protocols for entanglement creation and entanglement purification, quantum memories and network certification.


Nicolas Sangouard

Professor of Quantum Optics Theory

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