TOPTICA is a privately held laser manufacturing company located in Munich-Gräfelfing, Germany. More than 230 people develop, produce and provide research-grade lasers for scientific applications as well as industry-grade lasers for OEM integration. Key technologies comprise tunable single frequency diode lasers from 190 nm to 3500 nm, ps and fs pulsed fibre lasers from 488 nm to 2100 nm, frequency combs from 420 nm to 2100 nm, multi-colour laser engines, THz systems for frequency-domain or time time-domain spectroscopy, and high-power laser diodes & semiconductor optical amplifiers. For its important market quantum technologies (QT), TOPTICA is the main supplier of laser systems. In addition, TOPTICA has started research on and the development of QT subsystems and QT systems to push academic research as well as industrial realization of QT application systems and instruments. TOPTICA’s R&D department consists at presentof more than 65 people, many with a degree in physics or engineering.
TOPTICA employs specialists in laser technology, optics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering and is therefore optimally prepared for the development of a narrow-linewidth laser source for application in NV-centre-based quantum network nodes. In addition, many employees are application experts in quantum technologies such as quantum communication, quantum repeaters, non-classical photon sources, ion and atom cooling and trapping, optical clocks and frequency combs, and quantum metrology. The most relevant experts will contribute to conceptual work on long-distance phase-stable quantum network links. This will guarantee thatTOPTICA’s technology development will meet all requirements of the envisioned applications. TOPTICA hasdemonstrated in the past how one can successfully transfer scientific achievements, e.g. external cavity diode laser for atomic spectroscopy, into products and is willing to share its experience with partners. This includes directly business-related topics and outreach and communication strategies.