SURFsara is the Dutch national High-Performance Computing and e- Science support centre, and supports research in the Netherlands by developing and offering advanced and sustainable ICT infrastructure, services and expertise. This support is ensured by providing an integrated ICT research infrastructure with services in the areas of computing (supercomputing, capacity computing, high- throughput computing), data storage and data analysis, visualisation and cloud services, by providing multidisciplinary expertise and support in e-infrastructure use and application, and by doing all required innovation, engineering and development.
SURFsara is subsidiary of SURF, the Dutch collaborative ICT organisation for Dutch higher education and research. SURF is responsible for the complete national e-infrastructure (computing, data, and network). The SURF cooperative serves as a joint platform where Dutch all research universities, universities of applied sciences, university medical centres, research institutions and senior secondary vocational education institutions work together to develop ICT innovations. This collaboration extends to various levels: administrative, policy and operational.
SURFsara hosts large Dutch national e-infrastructure services, i.e. the Dutch national Supercomputer service (Bull bullx system, > 40,000 cores, > 1,5 PF/s peak). SURFsara serves a number of large research, educational and government institutions, all of the Dutch Universities as well as industries and SMEs. SURFsara is partner in European e-Infrastructures and e-infrastructure-related projects such as PRACE, EGI, EUDAT, HNSciCloud, EOSCpilot and EOSChub.