Sci­ence at the insti­tute com­pris­es sol­id state quan­tum optics and spin­tron­ics with appli­ca­tions in mod­ern microscopy and metrol­o­gy. Com­mon to all exper­i­men­tal approach­es is the use of pho­tons as cen­tral tool. Besides set-ups in the field of optics and spin con­trol facil­i­ties at the insti­tute com­prise syn­the­sis, implan­ta­tion and struc­tur­ing of car­bon mate­ri­als, pro­tein purifi­ca­tion and cell cul­tur­ing. »>


Jörg Wrachtrup

Pro­fes­sor of physics

wrachtrup [@] physik [.] uni-stuttgart [.] de

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