Currently in development in QuTech, NetSquid is the world’s first network simulator that involves simulation of decay of quantum information over time together with noisy operations and stochastic feedback loops. Its primary use is the prediction of the performance of quantum network protocols in a physically-realistic setting. This involves, among other things, simulating nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond for use in protocols in large networks (~1000 nodes). 

Quantum networks are still in development, with the a demo network planned to connect quantum processors in four cities in the Netherlands and a bit earlier in the lab! Before such networks will be realized, it is already possible to explore, develop and gain insights into quantum networking by using QuTech’s freely available Quantum Internet simulator:  SimulaQron.

SimulaQron is specifically tailored for software development for the future quantum internet and can be run on a single or more classical computers, which are connected in the background in order to simulate entangled qubits. 



SimulaQron hackathon 2018 

A collaboration of QuTech, Ripe NCC and the Quantum Internet Alliance organised the world’s first quantum internet hackathon on 13-14 October 2018, a weekend where 40 participants from all over the world collaborated to improve …

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