SimulaQron hackathon – in collaboration with Ripe


As part of the European Quantum Internet Alliance, QuTech is organizing a hackathon in collaboration with RIPE NCC on 13-14 October 2018. A hackathon is a `hacking marathon’: an event where quick and dirty solutions are built for some problem and where the focus is on rapid prototyping rather than the (usually slower) programming with reusability in mind.
During this hackathon we will design and develop tools to monitor and visualise behaviour of a quantum network: think, for example, about a “quantum ping”!

Quantum networks are still in development, with the a demo network planned to connect quantum processors in four cities in the Netherlands – and a bit earlier in the lab! Nevertheless, you can already explore, develop and gain insights into quantum networking by using QuTech’s freely available Quantum Internet simulator: SimulaQron.

SimulaQron can turn a network of classical computers into a simulated network of quantum computers that can exchange qubits and create quantum entanglement, a special feature of two qubits, amongst them:

  • Develop libraries to simplify the execution of common tasks such as teleporting a qubit.
  • Develop visualisation and/or monitoring tools for the communication in a quantum network.

On this page you can find:

  • The instructions for the hackathon, including possible ideas to work on during the weekend or more background information about the quantum internet; 
  • The introductory presentations.





This page will contain the projects