QIA at ‘Inside Quantum Technology EUROPE’.

The Future of Quan­tum Com­put­ing, Quan­tum Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Quan­tum Sen­sors Inside Quan­tum Tech­nol­o­gy (IQT), co-orga­nized by QuTech, is the first con­fer­ence in Europe to focus on prof­its and loss­es as …

Lisbon Workshop 13 + 14 May 2019

Five Months after the Lei­den Lorentz Cen­ter Work­shop researchers and oth­er project part­ners gath­ered in Lis­bon for a two day work­shop at the Gul­benkian Foun­da­tion. Lit­tle less than 100 peo­ple …

Quantum Internet Alliance in the press

Pro­file of QIA-coor­di­­na­­tor Stephanie Wehn­er in the Dutch month­ly mag­a­zine Vrij Ned­er­land (May 7th, 2019). Fea­tures the project Quan­tum Inter­net Alliance. The arti­cle is here: (in Dutch only).