E6 was formed in 1947 to address the industrial market for machining with natural diamond. Since then E6 has become the world leader in the production of all forms of man-made diamond for industrial applications and has pioneered the development of Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamond synthesis technology and materials since the 1980s. E6 is currently the leading supplier of single crystal and polycrystalline CVD diamond products (examples include laser exit windows, cutting tools, domed diamond for use in high-end speakers, windows for high-power gyrotrons, heat-spreaders for electronic devices and high-purity electronic-grade diamond). In conjunction to E6’s facilities that manufacture these products they also have a world- renowned diamond innovation site based in Harwell, UK where their R&D efforts are concentrated.
E6 has a track record in working with world-leading academic groups progressing quantum applications in diamond. During these collaborative efforts quantum-grade diamond has been developed and this has enabled state-of-the-art room-temperature coherence times to be achieved for solid-state qubits.