To date the project has pro­duced the fol­low­ing pub­li­ca­tions (pre-prints exclud­ed) :

Time Entan­gle­ment between a Pho­ton and a Spin Wave in a Mul­ti­mode Sol­id-State Quan­tum Mem­o­ry, Kut­lu Kut­luer, Emanuele Dis­tante, Bernar­do Casabone, Ste­fano Duran­ti, Margheri­ta Mazzera, and Hugues de Ried­mat­ten, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 030501 – Pub­lished 15 July 2019.

Quan­tum Stor­age of Fre­quen­cy-Mul­ti­plexed Her­ald­ed Sin­gle Pho­tons, Alessan­dro Seri, Dario Lago-Rivera, Andreas Lenhard, Gia­co­mo Cor­riel­li, Rober­to Osel­lame, Margheri­ta Mazzera, and Hugues de Ried­mat­ten, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 080502 – Pub­lished 22 August 2019.

Deter­min­is­tic Shap­ing and Reshap­ing of Sin­gle-Pho­ton Tem­po­ral Wave Func­tions, O. Morin, M. Kör­ber, S. Lan­gen­feld, and G. Rempe. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 133602 – Pub­lished 24 Sep­tem­ber 2019.

Sin­gle-Pho­ton Dis­til­la­tion via a Pho­ton­ic Par­i­ty Mea­sure­ment Using Cav­i­ty QED, Sev­erin Daiss, Stephan Welte, Bas­t­ian Hack­er, Lin Li, and Ger­hard Rempe, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 133603 – Pub­lished 5 April 2019.

Accu­rate pho­ton­ic tem­po­ral mode analy­sis with reduced resources, O. Morin, S. Lan­gen­feld, M. Kör­ber, and G. Rempe, Phys. Rev. A 101, 013801 – Pub­lished 2 Jan­u­ary 2020.

Hack­er, B., Welte, S., Daiss, S. et al. Deter­min­is­tic cre­ation of entan­gled atom–light Schrödinger-cat states. Nature Pho­ton 13, 110–115 (2019).‑0339‑5

Krutyan­skiy, V., Mer­an­er, M., Schupp, J. et al. Light-mat­ter entan­gle­ment over 50 km of opti­cal fibre. npj Quan­tum Inf 5, 72 (2019).‑0186‑3

A Ten-Qubit Sol­id-State Spin Reg­is­ter with Quan­tum Mem­o­ry up to One Minute, C. E. Bradley, J. Ran­dall, M. H. Abobeih, R. C. Berrevoets, M. J. Degen, M. A. Bakker, M. Markham, D. J. Twitchen, and T. H. Tamini­au, Phys. Rev. X 9, 031045 – Pub­lished 11 Sep­tem­ber 2019.

Entan­gle­ment between a Dia­mond Spin Qubit and a Pho­ton­ic Time-Bin Qubit at Tele­com Wave­length, Anna Tcheb­otare­va, Sophie L. N. Her­mans, Peter C. Humphreys, Dirk Voigt, Peter J. Harms­ma, Lun K. Cheng, Ad L. Ver­laan, Niels Dijkhuizen, Wim de Jong, Anaïs Dréau, and Ronald Han­son, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 063601 – Pub­lished 5 August 2019.

Near-term quan­tum-repeater exper­i­ments with nitro­gen-vacan­cy cen­ters: Over­com­ing the lim­i­ta­tions of direct trans­mis­sion, Fil­ip Rozpędek, Raja Yehia, Ken­neth Good­e­nough, Max­i­m­il­ian Ruf, Peter C. Humphreys, Ronald Han­son, Stephanie Wehn­er, and David Elk­ouss, Phys. Rev. A 99, 052330 – Pub­lished 22 May 2019.

S. Brand, T. Coop­mans and D. Elk­ouss, “Effi­cient Com­pu­ta­tion of the Wait­ing Time and Fideli­ty in Quan­tum Repeater Chains,” in IEEE Jour­nal on Select­ed Areas in Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 619–639, March 2020.

Axel Dahlberg, Matthew Skrzypczyk, Tim Coop­mans, Leon Wubben, Fil­ip Rozpędek, Mat­teo Pom­pili, Ari­an Stolk, Prze­mysław Pawełczak, Robert Kneg­jens, Julio de Oliveira Fil­ho, Ronald Han­son, and Stephanie Wehn­er. 2019. A link lay­er pro­to­col for quan­tum net­works. In Pro­ceed­ings of the ACM Spe­cial Inter­est Group on Data Com­mu­ni­ca­tion (SIGCOMM ’19). Asso­ci­a­tion for Com­put­ing Machin­ery, New York, NY, USA, 159–173. DOI:

Woj­ciech Kozlows­ki and Stephanie Wehn­er. 2019. Towards Large-Scale Quan­tum Net­works. In Pro­ceed­ings of the Sixth Annu­al ACM Inter­na­tion­al Con­fer­ence on Nanoscale Com­put­ing and Com­mu­ni­ca­tion (NANOCOM ’19). Asso­ci­a­tion for Com­put­ing Machin­ery, New York, NY, USA, Arti­cle 3, 1–7. DOI:

Tem­per­a­ture depen­dence of the 13C hyper­fine struc­ture of the neg­a­tive­ly charged nitro­gen-vacan­cy cen­ter in dia­mond, M. S. J. Bar­son, P. Red­dy, S. Yang, N. B. Man­son, J. Wrachtrup, and M. W. Doher­ty, Phys. Rev. B 99, 094101 – Pub­lished 4 March 2019.

Adrien Borne, Tra­cy E. Northup, Rain­er Blatt, and Barak Dayan, “Effi­cient ion-pho­ton qubit SWAP gate in real­is­tic ion cav­i­ty-QED sys­tems with­out strong cou­pling,” Opt. Express 28, 11822–11839 (2020).

Anonymi­ty for Prac­ti­cal Quan­tum Net­works, Anu­pa­ma Unnikr­ish­nan, Ian J. Mac­Far­lane, Richard Yi, Eleni Dia­man­ti, Dami­an Markham, and Ior­da­nis Kereni­dis, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 240501 – Pub­lished 19 June 2019.

Dis­trib­ut­ing graph states over arbi­trary quan­tum net­works, Clé­ment Meignant, Dami­an Markham, and Frédéric Grosshans, Phys. Rev. A 100, 052333 – Pub­lished 27 Novem­ber 2019.

Public deliverables

The table below lists the pub­lic deliv­er­ables that have been pro­duced to date.