SimulaQron hackathon 2018 

A collaboration of QuTech, Ripe NCC and the Quantum Internet Alliance organised the world’s first quantum internet hackathon on 13-14 October 2018, a weekend where 40 participants from all over the world collaborated to improve and build applications on top of the SimulaQron network simulator. 

hackathon is a “hacking marathon”: an event where quick and dirty solutions are built for some problem and where the focus is on rapid prototyping rather than the (usually slower) programming with reusability in mind. 

 The participants worked on the following projects during the hackathon (code can be found here) :


Team Quantum Consensus. 

  • Goal: Quantum Cryptocurrency 
  • Implemented: leader election algorithms for quantum cryptocurrency (Coin Flipping Leader Election (arXiv:0910.4952v2) and W-State Leader Election) 


Team IRTF draft 

  • Goal: “Advertising Entanglement Capabilities in Quantum Networks” 
  • Will be submitted & discussed at Quantum Internet RG 


Team QuViz 

  • QuViz is a test suite to visualize properties of a Quantum Network 



Team Sim-NG 

  • Improved SimulaQron is many ways, e.g. added Go-bindings, fixed anomalies in CQC specification 


Team Qhamster 

  • Goal: improvements to QChat, a chat application built on top of quantum key distribution: decouple Client/Server functionality and provide a language-independent client interface 
  • Results: Organized services, Python XML-RPC Server, Interoperable web and cli XML-RPC clients, Backend improvements 



Team Hanko 

  • Goal: design quantum digital signature “protocol” rather than “algorithm” 
  • Results: variable key length, variable message length, simple stabilizer states quantum one-way function & a draft for the 2-party-protocol 


Team aMBiQuiCy 

  • Project: MBQC subroutine for SimulaQron 
  • Implementation: Blind Quantum Computation 


The (open-source) code and presentations of the projects can be found here.



Team IRTF draft at work to understand entanglement and how it can be used 


Team aMBiQuiCy busy implementing measurement-based quantum computation (on Sunday morning!)

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