Joining forces

For the Future of Quan­tum Inter­net


Our goal is to devel­op a Blue­print for a pan-Euro­pean entan­gle­ment-based Quan­tum Inter­net, by devel­op­ing, inte­grat­ing and demon­strat­ing all the func­tion­al hard­ware and soft­ware sub­sys­tems.


The devel­op­ment of quan­tum inter­net tech­nolo­gies sets for­mi­da­ble chal­lenges to which the Quan­tum inter­net alliance will pro­vide unique solu­tions.


Application level quantum network simulator
  • SimulaQron is a tool for software development over a quantum internet. Specifically, SimulaQron provides a distributed simulation of several quantum processors, connected by a simulated quantum communication channels.

Discrete event quantum network simulator
  • NetSquid is a powerful low-level simulator for quantum networks that follows the paradigm of discrete events. This software can be used to model networks with thousands of end nodes and qubits, as well as repeaters.